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Affordable Office Space: Buy, Rent, Or Something Else?

When operating a SMB, office space and equipment are among the largest expenses.

These can put a real strain on your operating budget. That means you may have to limit other activities in order to pay for space and gear — but why compromise? Rather than investing all your funds into your office, there are other options. While you may choose to buy or rent, in today’s changing professional environment, you may find other approaches that work for your business.

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You Finished Your Brand Logo - Now What?

It’s finally done: your first (or updated!) brand logo. It may have taken you and a designer many weeks or months to get to this point of final delivery, but now that your logo is finished, how can you put it to good use?

It may be a little overwhelming at first to have a newly designed logo, but the good news is that you have many places to include it. To make the most of your logo, follow these steps to increase your brand visibility and update the logo where needed.

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Why Building a Bigger Brand Matters in 2019

When you’re looking to drive more traffic to your business’s website, you may turn to SEO campaigns to become more visible. In the past, adding a few strategic keywords to your web content could catapult you to the top of the search results. Brand building, while important form a marketing standpoint, wasn’t a key ingredient when it came to rising through the result rankings. Nowadays, it can be the difference between being on page one and page 10.

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How to Prioritize Social Media Marketing

So you are a small business owner, and you really want to get into this amazing, complex and always competitive field of social media, a place that has many rewards, but at the same time countless challenges to face. If this is your case, then you’ll need to know something I did not consider when I started out 7 years ago.

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