Spring Cleaning Your Digital Assets

The digital assets of your business, such as your social media platforms and website, can become a mess without serious maintenance each year. Checking your digital assets ensures your data security and that customers have a good user experience.

Knowing If Your Digital Assets Need Cleaning

Think about your website in correlation to your business. Consider that last time you made updates to the website, its content, and your social media platforms. Think about any major changes your business has experienced, like rebranding or a new acquisition, that may not be reflected online.

Check the content on your site. Are users accessing outdated assets that need to be taken down? Do people complain about not finding current or relevant information? Are you seeing a decline in traffic? If you’re answering yes to these questions, then you may need to clean up your digital presence.

Use Google Analytics to identify pages with search terms that aren’t relevant. Which downloadable materials have you not used in a while? Have some of your webpages become invisible to users?

Security is also often overlooked. Do the right people have access? Do some people have too much access? Are confidential assets properly restricted? Have you canceled access for users who don’t need it? Cleaning up your security protects your site and digital assets, plus it unclutters the structure for people who need access.

Planning Your Spring Cleaning

it can take a lot of work to clean up your assets, depending on how long it has been since you’ve done any maintenance. Start by notifying users changes are coming. You want to create a plan to help you through the process, because you don’t want to duplicate efforts or waste time.

You may need to audit your website with a digital marketing company that can help you maximize your online presence. Look at which social media sites are working most effectively for your company. Instead of trying to be on several social media channels, focus on one or two where you’re seeing the most impact.

Use the analytical tools and user information to see where the digital system is not meeting your current needs. Determine your priorities when creating your plan. Focus on key areas, such as assets, security, and metadata.

Get help for your digital spring cleaning but put one person in charge. A single administrator can keep everyone on track, make sure that the goals are being met, and keep a sense of uniformity through all the platforms.

Digital Marketing Makes or Breaks Your Business

Your digital presence is vital to the success of your business. Keeping it organized and user-friendly goes a long way toward getting and keeping customers, driving sales, and protecting your business. A spring cleaning can help you be more search-friendly and encourage users to enjoy your content. Once you get through this spring cleaning, have a plan to keep your digital presence tidy and up to date.

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