Why Building a Bigger Brand Matters in 2019

When you’re looking to drive more traffic to your business’s website, you may turn to SEO campaigns to become more visible. In the past, adding a few strategic keywords to your web content could catapult you to the top of the search results. Brand building, while important form a marketing standpoint, wasn’t a key ingredient when it came to rising through the result rankings. Nowadays, it can be the difference between being on page one and page 10.

Why Have Search Engines Changed Their Approach?

What changed? Search engine algorithms. Like all businesses, search engines such as Google and Bing try to provide what their users want. And users want relevant search results.

To deliver this, search engines have gathered data to figure out how people search. While keywords are a core component, several other factors influence whether or not users consider a link useful. These include familiarity and trust. Even if a link isn’t number one on the results page, users may click it over the top spot because they’re familiar with and trust the company it leads to.

What Is Branding?

When most people think of branding, they think of the big names on commercials and grocery store shelves : Coca-Cola, Apple, or Disney. But you don’t have to be a mega corporation to create a brand. In fact, small business branding can yield significant benefits.

Branding often involves a logo and slogan, but it’s so much more than that. A brand is how your company presents its identity to customers. When people look at your logo, they associate different characteristics with that image. The best thing you can do is to make sure those characteristics encourage trust and memorability.

How Does Branding Influence Consumer Choice?

Consumers may consider logical elements such as price and proximity when choosing a company for goods or services, but they’re also heavily influenced by emotion. Research shows that people are more likely to become customers of a business they identify with, a concept called brand alignment. They’re also more likely to return familiar businesses. A brand can fulfill both these needs by showing what your company stands for and easily identifiable.

What Effect Does Branding Have on SEO?

Customer tendencies toward brand alignment and familiarity transfer over to internet searches. When presented with one link form an unfamiliar source and another from a familiar source, users generally click the second. That’s trust in action.

As more people click a particular link, the search engine algorithms pick up on it. More clicks signals that more people find that link relevant, which can make it rise through the ranks. This creates a cycle where the higher your link rating, the more traffic you receive, and the more traffic you receive, the more it positively affects your ranking.

How Can You Leverage Branding for Better Search Ranking?

A storage brand is essential to jumping into the cycle of search results. There are several ways you can get started:

  • Promotion

  • Unique logo and website designs

  • Interaction with customers on many different platforms

Brand building is a process that takes time but pays off across the board.

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